Sutter Creek is a thriving community in California’s Gold Country. Like many communities in the Sierra Foothills, Sutter Creek grew out of the great gold rush of 1849.
Sutter Creek Lions Club was founded on 7/21/1947 and re-chartered on 6/23/2011. Club #111484. 
We meet monthly on the second Tuesday and share a potluck dinner (5:00 pm).
We are always looking for new members who would like to give back to their community. If you’re interested in joining, email us at info@suttercreeklions.org

Road Trips

It was a cold and dark Thursday morning when three Sutter Creek Lion Club (SCLC) members (President Mike Flynn, Secretary Wyman Dickerson, and Director Chuck Swiderski) road into the darkness.  This road trip was necessary to recover some misappropriated club property (namely the bell and gavel).  Aforementioned items were stolen (misappropriated) by Lion Mike Okamoto of the Tracy Breakfast Lions.
Lion Wyman Dickerson was up since 2:00am!
The trip started at 0-dark-5:00 and finished at the Hometown Buffet in Tracy.  The three SCLC members were welcomed by every Tracy Lion there.  They could see the $’s they hoped were coming their way.  First thing in the door we were relieved of a dollar for the “share the pot” drawing.  Then came the guest book signing and an offer of coffee.  Breakfast was served (a lot of groceries for $6.00), club business, and a guest speaker.
The Tail Twister made his rounds and collected fines for new cars, birthdays, dropping the cash on the floor, not being able to pronounce the guests’ names correctly, etc.  And then the order of the day.  The recovery of Sutter Creek Lions Club property.
Lions Mike Flynn and Mike Okamoto were negotiating
At that point someone started bidding the SCLC property by auction.  The bidding got out-of-hand and well on the north side of $20.00.  At that point Lion Chuck asked the Tracy Lion President if he would take the two raffle tickets he had purchased.  A prompt “NO” was the answer, cash only.  We came to an agreement on the price and left Tracy lighter in the wallets.  The sun was shining on the way back and all-in-all, a very good trip and a lesson learned.